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Polaroid Procam Camera /2 Pk Spectra Outdated Film

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Description :
Polaroid ProCam Instant Camera with 2 PACKS OF 10 PICTURE IN EACH PACK OUTDATED FILM 5 1/02 NO RESERVE AUCTION! This auction is for a Polaroid Spectra Procam camera. And To Spectra Platinum OUT DATED Film It comes with a neck strap. There is no instruction booklet, it is being sold AS IS! Do To OUTDATE Film Polaroid introduced the Spectra system of cameras in the early 1980s. It was an all-new line of cameras, and had a corresponding new film. Spectra film (called 'Image' outside of North America) is different from 600 integral film in that it has a different image format: a rectangular 9.2 x 7.3cm rather than 600 film's square format. Spectra film is otherwise identical to 600 film - ISO speed, development method and operation remain identical. The Spectra range of cameras also sport better lenses on average than the 600-film range, with most of the models utilising an arc-shaped range of focusing lenses inside the body that swing across the exterior lens element to provide correct focusing, rather than adjusting the distance between internal lens elements. Spectra cameras are thought to take higher-quality pictures than a conventional 600 Polaroid camera, due to the camera's higher build quality and a proportionally larger print area. Procam Features: Sideways folding mechanism, with folding viewfinder mechanism. 90mm lens - shorter than any other Spectra model made - giving a wider field of view roughly equivalent to 33mm in 35mm film format. Time/date stamp capability, autofocus, lighten/darken control and was sold with a close-up lens attachment I accept Paypal only,

Contact informations :
Seller Name: topcat155
Sale Price: $45.00
Zip Code: 02721
Location: Fall River, Massachusetts

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